Billings Dream Team

"Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul, Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal."

A Little About Blair,

Blair BillingsBlair Billings
Senior National Executive Director -Tennessee

At a time when most college women are dreaming about landing that perfect corporate job, Blair Billings was imagining a career that would allow her to stay at home with her three-month-old baby, Jessica. Blair was just 21 years old, married and a junior at the University of Memphis.

After being introduced to BeautiControl products at her best friend’s wedding, she took a leap of faith and joined the company in 1990.

For the next 10 years, Blair enjoyed the BeautiControl business sharing with her family and friends, but she didn’t get serious about it until 2002 when the early concept of the Spa ESCAPE was introduced. “My first Spa ESCAPE was my ‘a-ha’ moment, opening my eyes to exciting possibilities I hadn’t seen,” she says, “I left that night with $600 in sales, four bookings and this incredible feeling that I was about to help a lot of women change their lives!”

“I have always said that BeautiControl is the best kept secret in America. I am living a fairy tale life. I have freedom and control over my time and income.”

“I realized that this business works from the inside out… I’m growing personally on the inside and on the outside – I’m impacting others and watching them grow. It’s like a fantasy business.”

Blair quickly built her business by holding two Spa ESCAPES every week. Today as a Senior National Executive Director, she leads a team of more than 6,000 Consultants and 35 of those Consultants are Directors who are driving their very own BeautiControl Mustang. Blair says her success comes from sharing the opportunity. “Share BeautiControl with everyone – you are blessing women and changing lives!”

In just six short years, Blair has used the Spa ESCAPE to move quickly through every level of the career plan to go on and build a multi-million dollar business earning more than $200,000 last year.“ Six years ago, our nicest vacation was driving to Hot Springs, Ark. Now we have a home in Puerto Vallarta where we can vacation every summer.”

Through BeautiControl, Blair has earned trips to Spain, Germany, Switzerland, London, Maui, Las Vegas, Boca Raton, Cancun, St. Thomas, The Atlantis– Bahamas, Monte Carlo, Nice, Mayan Riviera in Playa del Carmen, San Francisco and Cabo San Lucas.

Blair and her husband Lane are building their custom dream home. “I have always said that BeautiControl is the best kept secret in America. I am living a fairy tale life. I have freedom and control over my time and income.”

Blair says that one of the best things about her career with BeautiControl is that, “my husband was able to quit his job and start his own business. Now we can both attend our children’s events. They can have their mom and dad there to support them!”

Though Blair and her family are enjoying all the rewards that have come along with her success, Blair believes her children are learning so much from watching her accomplish her dreams. “I’ve been with BeautiControl since my daughter was a baby, and through this company I have learned the power of determination and will power. All of those characteristics I’ve obtained because of BeautiControl, I see in my daughter.”

Blair says that her life with BeautiControl is beyond everything she ever dreamed. “I can’t imagine how different my life would be if I had joined the corporate world. Most people don’t have choices… I do!”
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